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Carpe Diem College Prep Program

(CD College Prep)

Carpe Diem College College Prep Program helps students to excel in the process of preparing for college admission. There are several steps in preparing for college admission and currently CD College Prep runs coaching program specially to prepare for PSAT / SAT / ACT. In subsequent years College Couseling, Subject SAT Coaching, MCAT. LSAT, GRE, and GMAT Coaching Programs will be added.


Students who have completed their Algebra I Course in School can join this program and stay with the program until satisfactory score is accomplished with the same fixed fee. That is our commitment. This is not a typical online model where lessons are stored in a remote server and you access when you want and study on your own. This program has the high tech of tablet based lesson access method and high touch of connecting with the instructor for guided approach. All for the one fixed fee.

Preparation for PSAT / SAT / ACT need not be complicated. It is simple as the website. Just to the point and get ready with what matters for high score.